Home Inspection Services in Richmond, VA

To Mike, a home inspection is more than a professional service. A home inspector is a lot like a bottle of fine wine – improving with age! A good certified home inspector is truly an artist.

Over the years Mike has developed his own effective method by which he inspects a home. Adhering to a practiced protocol helps ensure that every component is surveyed. Mike has also learned that, “Distraction is the mother of most errors and omissions.” So, he does not talk very much while inspecting. Instead, he remains focused on the task at hand to control the quality of his work. Lastly, Mike is a writer – the author of his own reporting system, which is designed to prompt an inspector to survey or test the major components of a home. These practices produce consistently thorough home inspections.

All home inspections conform to the Standards of Practice of both ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). Mike is committed to being ethical by not favoring anyone through his finding and report writing. At the end of the home inspection process, Mike is happy to address any questions you might have.

The certified home inspection report is typically delivered within twenty-four hours. It, at a minimum, reflects the inspection, testing and descriptions required of every component listed in the Standards of Practice of both ASHI and NAHI. Each defect or major deficiency is described, and a photograph of the condition, when it helps demonstrate the problem. -Mike Bryan

Mikes building inspection and report addresses the following:

– Lots and Grounds (regarding unsafe conditions and poor drainage)
– All Roofing and Flashing
– Exterior Siding, Trim, Windows and Doors
– Garages (attached or detached)
– Home Structure (to the degree that it is visible and apparent)
– Plumbing System
– Heating and Cooling Systems
– Fireplaces and Heating Stoves
– Fuel Storage and Delivery systems
– Home Ventilation Systems
– Home Electrical Systems
– Home Insulation
– Home Finishes and Cabinets

Scheduling your home inspection is as easy as 1-2-3!

Call now! Scheduling Virginia home inspection services could not be any easier! Setting up an appointment usually only takes under a couple of minutes. If you have any questions it’s much easier to answer them on the day of the appointment, but we will assist you over the phone with all of your questions. No problem!

Certified Home Inspections:

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